Homework excuses =P

When you have either left your homework at home or haven’t even started it and have no idea what to tell the teacher, refer to this list.

1. I fell asleep and when I woke up all my drool smudged all the ink
2. My internet was down (for emailed assignments)
3. I left it in my shirt and my mother put the shirt in the was
4. I gave it to a homeless man to line his hat with
5. I typed it up and forgot to print it off…I’ll hand it in at break (then do it Quickkkk)
6. (If you are luck) I was flashed by the MIB and they took it, honest
7. (If you are feeling cheeky) you ASKED me to do the homework, you didn’t TELL me to do it so I thought it was optional.
8. It was raining yesterday afternoon and my homework got torn up in the rain
9. The wind blew it out of my hands
10. I accidentally wrote it in Chinese
11. I forgot it at home
12. I lost it on the way to school
13. My baby sitter scribbled all over it
14. My hamster was starving, and I ran out of hamster food
15. Someone stole it off me
16. I had a right hand pencil, but only a left hand paper
17. I have an allergic reaction to homework
18. Power cut to my house
19. I forget to write down what it was
20. My relatives died so I had to go to and emergency funeral
21. Civil defence emergency
22. It was needed as evidence for the police
23. My little brother ate it
24. Ran out of loo paper
25. Had gourmet paper for dinner
26. Computer system went down, didn’t you watch the news
27. Got hungry on the way to school
28. Flood in the bedroom
29. Dog pea’s on it
30. Mum and dad didn’t like it so they tore it up
31. I kept making mistakes on it so I ended up using all the paper and I am waiting for mum to get me more
32. (If you are feeling ambitious) my homework got up and walked away form me
33. I was sick last night, but I mad a miraculous recovery this morning
34. I had air training corps
35. I had sea scouts
36. I hate doing homework
37. My little sister is doing it for me as we speck
38. Ink went all over the work sheet, I need a new one
39. I got distracted by glee it was really great last night
40. I never do it, so why should I start doing it now
41. I had too much other homework
42. Burnt the hand I write with
43. Sprained my writing hand
44. My little sibling was sick, so I cared for them the whole time
45. I was not allowed to do homework as a punishment
46. I turn deaf as soon as you say we have homework
47. A guy with as gun robbed it of me
48. Dad accidently threw it into the fire before I could stop him
49. I was away camping on the weekend
50. I went to bed really early
51. It is a dangerous idea
52. it’s against human rights
53. Don’t you think I have already done enough?
54. A film producer took it with her and asked if she could use it to star in a new Hollywood block buster. She won’t be done with it for another two years!
55. My house got burned down and I am still coming to terms with the fact that I will never see my homework again
56. I left it on the bus
57. I left it in the car
58. I left it on the bench
59. I donated it to Haiti
60. “OMG I can’t find it any where” and start crying
61. “Who cares?”
62. Don’t go to school the day it is due
63. Dad forgot to pay the heating bill so we had to burn it for heat
64. It goes against my religion
65. I had better things to do
66. I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to add to your heavy workload
67. My mums whopping cough vaccination wore of so we had to go to the hospital
68. I accidentally divided it by zero and the paper burst into flames
69. I have a solar powered calculator and it was cloudy
70. I was in the lunch room and another student was criticizing you and I couldn’t just let that go so I search in my bag for something to throw at him and all I could find was the homework
71. I know this sounds ridicules but a dog really did eat my homework
72. Because of legal reasons I can’t talk about
73. I jumped in the lake to rescue someone but unfortunately my homework drowned
74. What homework?
75. The computer mouse was broken
76. I left my binder in mum’s car
77. Sorry I was too worried about genocide in Zambia to do my homework
78. My bag went missing; I can’t find it any where
79. for legal reasons I can’t tell you
80. A nice man had a sigh that said the end is here. No one wants’ to homework on the eve of the apocalypse
81. I put it on top of the TV so I wouldn’t forget it, but the TV blew up so now I have no homework
82. My baby sister ripped it up
83. I lost my laptop
84. I was kidnapped by terrorists and they only just let me go, so I didn’t have time to do it
85. I am moving houses and my mum packed up my book
86. Sorry my friend was hungry for knowledge, so he ate my essay
87. I forgot we had class on Wednesday (or what ever day it is)
88. I am really ill so doing my work gave me a really bad headache
89. I left in my dad’s car and now his car is in airport security so I can’t get it for a week
90. Get the class to say “what quiz?” or “we had homework?”
91. I finished my homework but I accidently deleted it by accident
92. I asked my dad to chiack my work and he said it was rubbish an ripped it up
93. I took my essay with me to finish in half time of the soccer match but the game was abandoned after 10 minutes
94. My brother drove off with the homework in his lorry and he lost it in France
95. My older sister couldn’t find he same homework for last year
96. I handed it in to reception; they said they would give it to you
97. Simple truth, I couldn’t be bothered


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