Pranks =]

Pranks are a great way to make your day exciting and you will also be doing some poor sucker a favour as well.

If your school won’t have a teacher evaluation make up some forms and do it yourself. Compile the result and publicize them to students, faculty, school board, and community.

If you can get to class before the teacher, grab the clock in the room and set the hand forward 10 minutes. You should have someone stand outside the door and make a lot of noise if they see the teacher coming.

If you hate a subject, moan a lot and ask questions like “what is the point to this?” or “I’m never gonna use this in life”. Depending on the teacher, you could start a long discussion from that, and let the others do the talking while you can peacefully daydream…

Pretend you lost your school bag/backpack or say someone stole it. Say you can’t do anything without it, get the teacher to let you look for it. Then stay away as long as you like.

Save your book reports and essays. Give them to other students to use next year or re-use them yourself with different teachers.

Pick two teachers that you think would be most suitable for this prank, say, teacher 1 and teacher 2. Pick one teacher that you’d like to prank, say t1, and try to learn the handwriting style of t2. Write a love letter from t2 and put it in an envelope saying ‘to t1′ and put it somewhere where t1 will find it without knowing where it came from.’

Have fun Pranking guys but try not to get in trouble!


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